ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 98



1                    Jeanie was not found in section setup in SP96 and 97

2                    Bridgemate database is now found in the place specified in Bridgemate Control in Tools > Options > General > File locations. The file BMPlayerDB.mdb must be placed in that location before using this option.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 97



1                    Negative IMPs with fractions were not handled correctly

2                    Zero scores eliminated in Butler is now allowed

3                    Swiss teams scores were wrong sometimes.

4                    Eclectic event results were wrong sometimes.

5                    Player email addresses were rolled back incorrectly in the ratings update.

6                    Some memory leaks were eliminated.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 96



1                    Failure to open a network database will time out after 10 seconds.

2                    Generating the BWS file for teams’ events would fail on occasions.

3                    Whist teams would sometimes double the IMPs in each match

4                    Whist teams session scores were not shown correctly when scored IMPs from boards


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 95




1                    Loading names prior to event start failed where the names contained apostrophes.

2                    Various minor enhancements in handling remote scorer files.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 94




  1. Bridgescorers support changes
  2. Cards reports to HTML would not always be HTML




  1. Names will appear on terminals for events where the names are known


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 93




1                    The ratings report could not be sorted by impacts.

2                    Changing the pair numbers in long-hand entry would change the wrong pair.

3                    Earlier sessions were rescored when not required

4                    Get names from Bridgemates in section 2 or more of a teams event would not always be right.

5                    Teams, second section is New England relay Bridgemates did not go to end of session


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 92



1                    Individual movements with 8 or more tables would not correctly capture the scores in long-hand mode

2                    Individual movements with half the number of tables odd were not found.

3                    Terminal server programs are now selected by a pull down list in [remote scores][advanced]

4                    Multi-section option in bridgemate software v2.3.25 did not work at all times.





1                    Players at the sit out table can now enter their numbers in bridgemates on first round. You must also be using recent BCS.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 91




1                    a misunderstanding of the requirements for player names in teams events with Bridgemates has been corrected

2                    A second sever for table tops can be started using [event][start second server] but ticking the option "use two servers sometimes" is not required.

3                    You will be asked if you want the names of teams entered with their teams mates or their opponents


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 90




1                    One winner pairs events with half tables were not shown as sitout

2                    The restricted and multiplying factor were not applied to teams events correctly

3                    Teams events scored IMPs from boards had the win margin incorrect




1                    The ability to enter player names into table top terminals before the first move for teams has been added.

2                    A second sever for table tops can be started when using two different makers. See [event][start second server] with the "use two servers sometimes" ticked in [advanced].


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 89




1                    The number of boards per set in "make pairs from teams" was not always correct

2                    Odd numbers of players in individuals were not always handled correctly

3                    Mp awards greater then 12th place were not rounded correctly. See [system][MP rules] and click [ABF rules] to correct the problem.

4                    Changes to support BridgeScorer terminals

5                    Ratings upload has been changed in an attempt to improve reliability.



ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 88




1                    Modify section details would cause AV error

2                    Create pairs event from teams with 3 way match failed

3                    Could not include names in the BWS file

4                    Loadnames would not work under some circumstances

5                    Page down in score entry failed under some circumstances

6                    Section not found occurred sometimes


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 87




1                    One board rounds in a Swiss pairs failed.

2                    Masters factors were not applied to Session results

3                    Bridgemate changes for latest software and BWS file extra fields are now included

4                    Players names in Individual events are now entered in the order N,S,E,W




1                    Teams events can now be run with just 2 teams

2                    Bridgemate II names can be supplied by ASE in a second way. A database of the names can be built by an option in [remote scores][advanced][Load names DB]. The old way of ticking the "load player names" option is still available but for large clubs that option is very slow.

3                    The group number is included in BWS file so that two events may scored separately.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 86




1                    Scores were missing for teams in three way teams triangles when entered manually with other scores from remote.

2                    Score method in teams is now required to be selected when "scoring with options"

3                    Outright MP awards "original tables entered" default was wrong under some circumstances.

4                    Page up in teams session scores entry did not work

5                    Make pairs event from a teams event now creates a "swiss pairs" event rather than "pairs"




1                    An option has been added for pairs events: [Import session] from another event. The imported session is added to the current event. This is to help facilitate combining results from several other events, particularly those from [make pairs event] in teams. Use the option [event][multi-session] to produce outright results. Use 2 winners in the outright results during scoring to separate N-S and E-W.



ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 85




1                    Replace section in teams did not rebuild the names and board leads mapping for the remote terminals

2                    Show recap in board scores entry was incorrectly available in teams

3                    Ratings upload FTP connection has changed


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 84




1.                  Swiss teams 3 way matches 1/2 VPs were awarded

2.                  Score of events where options changed used to rescore all previous sessions as well as the current.

3.                  In Swiss teams 3 way matches the EW pairs moved down on round 1 and then up in later rounds. They are always UP now.

4.                  Swiss teams 3 way matches double MPs were awarded


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 83





1                    Swiss teams 3 way numbers not always correct in auto sequence option.

2                    IMPs were doubled in session report for teams.

3                    The latest Masterpoint rules have been applied.

4                    Board 1 would not appear for 3way teams where the 3way was not used for board scores.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 82




1                    Scoring with IMPs from boards in American whist league and New England would produce double IMPs.

2                    VPs in 3way Swiss teams matches were often double

3                    Out of resources error occurred occasionally

4                    EW Pair names in American whist league teams were not assigned correctly

5                    Events created with no session were not handled correctly when using terminals




1                    Player names are now displayed in Bridgemates2 and Bridgepads after player numbers have been entered. If you require the names then tick the "Load player names" option in the [remote scores][advanced] screen. With large numbers of players on your masterfile it may take several minutes to load.

ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 81


1                    Order by seeding option in [names before the movement is known] was faulty

2                    it was possible to get a false message about the remote server running

3                    Enhancements in handling multi-session and terminals


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 80



1                    Names could not be captured from table top in teams events

2                    Table numbers did not work when different from 1 to N when using table top devices.

3                    Error handling has been enhanced

4                    Auto start remote database has been enhanced in complex situations

5                    3 way teams matches did not work in SP79


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 79




1                    New England relay teams movement was not correct

2                    "use remote scores" screen now shows when [remote scores] pressed if the section has not been previously added to the database

3                    You are not longer asked if you want to share the database when a second section is added to the event

4                    You can now change section properties from the "use remote scores" screen before [finish] is clicked.

5                    Multi-session, multi-event with one remote database is now handled better and with less questions

6                    "cannot focus disabled window" error occurred sometimes

7                    "Scroll bars" error occurred sometimes

8                    Masterpoint defaulted to green in teams after change to gold in previous session


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 78




1                    Board set for table 1 in a teams event was not managed correctly. Now by changing this to another set it will change the board set arrangement for all tables as in pairs events.

2                    A spurious error message was issued when starting remote terminal server.

3                    For teams events, tables did not appear in BridgeMate Pro server.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 77




1                    Sometimes the scores were not read from the remote server

2                    Sometimes F8 did not read scores

3                    It was hard to recover after starting a new event with the remote server still running from a previous session (see 5).

4                    Report screen sizes are now remembered

5                    ASE Now detects when the BridgePad or BridgeMate server is running from a previous session and asks you to close it.




1                    Teams now can have the board scores entered and the results determined by ASE.  With an odd number of tables the movement is American Whist League. With an even number of tables you have the choice of New England relay movement OR Twin Mitchell movement. The Twin Mitchell movement only applies where half the number of tables is odd. Multiple sections are possible as in pairs.

2                    Board-a-match scoring method is now available in teams.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 76




1                    Force score of a negative value could not have more then 3 digits

2                    New session in Swiss pairs would use the wrong remote scores database.

3                    The wrong leads occurred sometimes.

4                    Double of NT was missing under some circumstances.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 75




1                    The guide card reports for movements was not working.

2                    Changing table numbers from the default were not reflected in Bridgemates and Bridepads

3                    Auto start of the remote server was not reliable with multi-session events.

4                    Convert teams event to pairs event for datum reports did not work where there were 3 way matches.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 74





1                    Auto-add sections to BridgeMates did not work correctly for sections 2 and above.

2                    When adding new sessions to a teams event where there were 3 Way teams matches, changing from 1 to 2 sessions or vice versa did not work

3                    Convert teams event to pairs event for datum reports did not work where there were 3 way matches.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 73


Also note this service pack is very significant to those using BridgeMates or BridePads. Please read carefully details below.




1                    Entering numbers of players names would not always work in the pre-entry screen

2                    The ABF.fdb could not be loaded with new data unless the masterfile was deleted first

3                    When starting ASE Scorer, under unusual circumstances, a "Message sequence error" could occur.




1                    A new option has been added to allow the creation of a pairs event from a Swiss teams event. See [File][make pairs event]. The only complication is to make sure the names for the players in the teams session are in the order N,S,E,W. To help with this, in the teams event session names you can now drag and drop player numbers, swapping players in the process.


2                    HTML files can now be produced for many of the reports. These are in HTML table format and is a separate option when selecting the report type.


3                    BridgePad and BridgeMate users are asked if they want to auto-start the servers when a new event is created. This simplifies the use of table top terminals significantly and the option works for most situations. It makes sharing a database for more than one event very simple. For example, create an event (the first of a few say), at the end it asks "Use remote scores for this section" [finish]. Click finish. The server starts with a new database. Some time later (maybe after finishing getting the first event going) create a second event (making sure there are no duplicate section letters). Do the same: at the end it asks "Use remote scores for this section" [finish]. Click finish. ASE automatically adds the second event to the first database. Everything works normally for the second event. It is only when you add sections to an event that some care is needed. It still works the same but all sections need to be added to the event before the players enter scores. If you replace a section you still need to “update from round” as before.


4                    BridgePad and BridgeMate users: a new option in [remote scores][advanced] has been added so you can specify the ACCESS database type you would like. The original and default type is ACCESS 97. If you would like to use a more modern database format select 2000 or 2003. It is important to have the latest bridgemate server program otherwise it might fail.


5                    A new option has been added for Bridgemate and Bridgepad users. In the [advanced] options there is now "Use automatic score reading" that is by default ticked and the way things were before. To improve reliability it is recommended you disable this option and use the new option [event][Get remote scores] or (F8). This option retrieves the scores from the server and scores up the session, showing the % read on the screen title. Most users would only need to do this at the end of the event or at the end of each round if round results are being displayed. It is highly recommended that this option be used in preference to continuous reading of the results as the latter may cause errors in the scorer when other options are being used while the score gathering is being carried out. In other words using F8 improves the reliability.


6                    When loading the ABF members to the national file you will be asked if you want to download the latest file from the internet.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 72




Finalizing a teams event caused an error

In pairs ratings reports the name was prefixed by the direction (NS or EW)

Eclectic masterpoints had incorrect member numbers

Eclectic Masterpoint calculations would fail sometimes.


Note it may be necessary to re-score some events before finalizing otherwise an error may occur.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 71




1                    Masterpoint colour was introduced in eclectic events

2                    Documentation changes to match BridgePads. Both BridgeMates and BridgePads are treated the same and now called "remote scores".

3                    Opening an event not involved with the shared remote scores database, when it was open, could corrupt the scores of the event.

4                    It was not possible to create barometer events with low numbers of rounds


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 70




1                    Seating draw report could fail in teams

2                    Missing tables in swiss teams draw would cause problems in Bridgemates



Missing boards are now handled in every situation. Boards can be missing in one or more or all sections.

Eclectic events now can be masterpointed. See [eclectic] events, choose the event, [View results], [view totals], [masterpoint] and set the options as required and select [export], choosing the name of the file where you want to place the results.



ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 69




Changes made to scores in Swiss pairs were not always recognised during rescore

The “changes for two fields” in Swiss pairs was faulty.

In barometer events the percentage shown was for the round not the total score.


Note Ian McKinnon’s blog is now available at



ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 68




1                    In individuals events it was possible for the matchpoints to be incorrect TOP score for EW.

2                    Barometer events were scoring previous rounds with each new round




Swiss pairs now allow you to have two fields. When the first session is scored enter 2 in the number of outright winners. From then on the reporting will show the NS and EW fields separately. When the automatic draw is calculated the NS and EW pairs are treated as two fields. The NS pairs will stay at their table and their opponents will take their seats depending on the draw.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 67




1                    The session report would disappear from the screen after scoring.

2                    During switching events, when a report was open, a file create error would occur.

3                    The factor-to number of tables default value was not correct for the recap screen.

4                    Stratum scored event was not automatically rescored upon change of stratum.



ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 66




1                    Barometer pairs events did not show correct carry forward between sessions.

2                    Sometimes pair's names would fail to show in the session results screen.

3                    Barometer pairs with half tables would not show correct carry forward scores in second session.

4                    Finalizing events would link the results to incorrect events on some rare occasions.

5                    During scoring the screen would lose focus and sometimes disappear from view.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 65




1                    Occasionally ASE Scorer would hang when retrieving scores from bridgemates.

2                    Butler scoring incorrectly reported all scores are zero when one field.

3                    Scores are reported zero in Butler scoring with some default reports


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 64




1                    Team numbers = tables numbers in 3-way matches failed in Swiss teams.

2                    Manual draw failed for 3-way matches

3                    The "home" team numbers in 3-way were in EW seat


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 63




1                    Section options could appear incorrectly in [advanced].

2                    sometimes the score entered in teams were not saved

3                    changing score method in the middle of an event would sometimes produce incorrect results

4                    deleting a session sometimes caused a AV error.

5                    load board scores, using a previously saved file, sometimes failed.




In Swiss teams events 3 way teams matches are now handled differently when using the board scores to calculate the IMP/VP results.


When setting up the event you will be asked if you want to "use board scores to calculate IMPs" in 3 way matches. If you tick this option then all 3 way matches will share the boards on each round. The 3 way matches will play the same board set as all other teams in the event. The teams in the 3 way will complete the match in one round even though they are playing different teams at each table.


If conducted over two rounds then the pairs played at each table can be different at the three tables for the second round, but the principle is the same. If conducted over one round then the teams have played two teams in that round. This means a team has played once in the three way but will be deemed to have played two teams as far as the draw is concerned. Be careful though as your teams may run out of opponents where the field is small. Therefore use a 2 round 3 way with a small field.


This is a real bonus to the organisers using Bridgemates as they can be used in the three way matches as well as all the other matches. With an odd number of rounds make sure you run the 3 way over one round for the last round.


If you do not tick "use board scores to calculate IMPs" in 3 way matches then it is assumed you are entering the scores manually FOR 3 WAY MATCHES and session one scores are added to session two and so catering for your playing two half matches in each session. If there are no 3 way matches then board scores can be entered (or captured with bridgemates) and scored using the "IMPs from boards" scoring option. If you choose to enter board results for 3 way matches (played over two rounds) after not ticking this option then the boards are still assumed to be shared in three way matches and the board scores are calculated the same way. The real confusion is when the scores of the two sessions are combined for team results and so those results are unpredictable. When the 3 way is played over one round then the results should be correct.   


Where the number of teams is not originally an odd number and you add teams to the draw so there becomes an odd number, then you have the option of choosing to "use board scores to calculate IMPs" in 3 way matches when doing the draw.


Care is needed where the numbers of teams are odd, then becomes even in the next round when a team is added or removed. Where you have specified the 3 way is over two rounds those teams are already committed to a second session as opponents, therefore there will be one team left out of the draw as they have no opponents. If you are aware of this then conduct the 3 way over one round, not two. To avoid a bye when you were not aware of this situation (a team drops out) then you will need to delete the session and redo the draw using one round for the 3 way (saving and loading scores if necessary). A bye for one round is handled correctly and is an acceptable solution.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 62




1                    Events with a large number of sections would fail to score sometimes

2                    Load of the ABF file on the first build was slow

3                    Delete session could corrupt an event

4                    In rebuild event field half table pairs were ignored

5                    Swiss teams outright results did not show the correct brought forward figures, instead they were Prior VPs.

6                    The lead was not shown at all times in the personal pairs reports.

7                    In user movements, error 58 could happen invalidly.



1                    Boards for Swiss teams can now be saved for use in a pairs event.



ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 61




1                    There were performance issues at startup.

2                    Loading the ABF masterfile was very slow.

3                    Export masterfile to CSV failed when bridgemates were running

4                    The automatic report was not selected sometimes instead the last manual one was used.




1                    Firebird 2.1 is now supported.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 60




1                    In section properties "File defined" movements were not documented as such.

2                    SP59 exacerbated an existing problem. When starting ASE it would crash inexplicably. Both the old and new problem have been fixed.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 59




1                    In Swiss pairs sections could be deleted and relaced at incorrect times.

2                    The win/loss/draw is now included in MP Swiss pairs

3                    It was possible to get the members screen with blank fields

4                    It was possible to finalize an event with no scores

5                    Members' report would not work with multiple parameters selected

6                    In results [session scores] if a half table was at position 16 no further scores could be seen.

7                    The rating of a non-active player was not used when they returned to play.




1                    CARDS users can now assign arbitrary impact adjustments to players, supplying a reason. These will be monitored by the administrators and approved (or not) as seen fit.



ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 58




1                    F2 add player would fail when there was no player number

2                    Faulty (manually entered) data in bridgemate database would cause hang in ASE8

3                    Ranks in supervised sessions could be wrong

4                    Tied ranks were shown in reverse order in session report

5                    Add player screen could be made to disappear off the screen.

6                    An option in the new event screen allows you to specify a one session event. This only applies to results published on the web and is automatically changed when a second session is added to the event. 


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 57




  1. Using a masterfile on a WAN via a VPN would fail.
  2. Re-read of scores from Bridgemates would not work correctly under some circumstances.
  3. Event type was changed internally under some circumstances.
  4. Teams events could be incorrectly scored as "IMPs from boards" causing errors
  5. There was a bug that made it appear the ratings were no longer on file
  6. Validate player number failed wrongly under certain conditions




A new option has been added for the clubs participating in the CARDS ratings. This addresses the need for clubs to be able to cater for rated players playing at your club for the first time. To use this feature download a CARDS file available on the web at This file contains the rating information for all participating players. It will be updated each month.


The new option is found in the members screen [F9] and is only available when your club's database is open and contains ratings for your current members. Use [File][New ratings DB] to create a database, calling it "cards" with a ratings club name of "cards" too. You then load the cards.cds file mentioned above and have downloaded earlier.


Then re-open your existing members database as usual. Whenever you use the "add  player" option [F2] make sure the "other club file" is ticked in the "Surname and player no. search file" option.


Note if the file shown is not the cards.gdb you have just created enter that as the "other club file" (use [...] button).


When you search for a person by name the list will show all the players with the name entered. Choose the required player and their current ratings are also added to your masterfile together with their name, bridgename and national player number.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 56




1                    Rating text files had short lines of text sometimes

2                    "closed dataset" error occurred after read names from Bridgemate and add new player was selected

3                    Under some circumstances the scores for boards in Swiss teams were not retrieved from bridgemates for tables > 44

4                    In Swiss teams scores for tables > 44 were not visible in data entry in "round" mode.

5                    The session timer would reset at warning stage




1                    An option has been added to include Java Script in HTML files

2                    Improvements have been made in Ratings calculations

3                    In Swiss teams it is now allowed to have table numbers = team numbers for an odd number of teams


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 55




1                    Page down on the pairs results screen did not work after the second attempt

2                    It was possible to "lose" the score entry screen

3                    With different numbers of boards in each section is was possible to loop on page up.

4                    The list of member types etc. would disappear after editing

5                    The title of open dialogue screens were not consistent




1                    Support for HTML help file has been added


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 54




1                    Individual player rating adjustments were incorrect in the ratings report

2                    Deadlock errors could occur when changing player details

3                    Individual barometer movements are supported correctly

4                    The date in the ratings output file is now session date




1                    The pairs scores are available in the seating report



ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 53




1                    SP52 contained a faulty dll. This caused a variety of problems.

2                    An incorrect round number could be entered during scoring.

3                    Occasionally an address violation would occur when bridgemates were running


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 52




1                    Delete section sometimes would not delete the correct one.

2                    Closing the server would fail sometimes

3                    Individual movements where boards were played a different number of times were allowed

4                    Ratings calculations for high scores have been adjusted

5                    Entering the same letter twice for a subsequent players names failed



ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 51




1                    The server database was accessed when it should not, so effecting performance in LAN/WAN

2                    In the pairs guide card report the table numbers were not always right.

3                    [New] User movements were not behaving correctly

4                    Now a player's rating is only shown if they are rated

5                    The default opponents in Swiss teams has been corrected to 1 plays half way etc.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 50




1                    It was possible to get the wrong personal scores by rescoring previous sessions.

2                    Using the [missing] option when [save score] was enabled in the shorthand dataentry would incorrectly enter the last score in the next board




1                    A new option has been added to the [reports] menu to display the [scrolling results] for any sessions scored.

2                    A performance improvement has been added for those using a WAN or LAN to access their members database. This makes it feasible to use a VPN across the internet.



ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 49


Note events that have handicap scores should be finalised before using this update.

Do not open old events that use handicaps after this update is applied.




1                    Session masterpoints for simple teams events were not included in the MP export.

2                    IMPs in butler events were not available in the outright report

3                    Win/draw/loss counts in barometer pairs were not reliable.

4                    Boards with a higher number than the number of boards were duplicated sometimes in Swiss pairs.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 48





1              Pairs guide report for two winner events was not correct

2              Butler pairs IMPs/VP were not masterpointed correctly when scoring later sessions

3              ASE would hang when printing guide cards for user and Howell movements using manual reports


Bridgemate users please let me remind you that the latest documentation is on the web.

The PDF file is at using bridgemates in ASE 8

And a Windows compiled help file is at help file for Bridgemates in ASE 8



ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 47





1              Top rated player report was faulty.

2              It was possible to get score-by-round set when replacing a non-barometer section

3              Outright reports sent to a text file were untidy

4              Datum scores are now available in teams

5              Member's masterpoint update failed during import

6              Missing scores sometimes reported incorrectly

7              Teams 3 way matches were incorrectly scored when using board entry for other matches

8              Set % now apply to teams and awards the difference in MPs to the teams

9              New score options in teams ("teams" or "IMPs from boards")

10          Delete of event now deletes all associated files (bridgemate and text files)

11          When using player club numbers in the display strange player numbers could appear.

12          Occasionally the scorer would hang when using auto-score in bridgemates




1              Pair datum scores in teams reports are added to the available reports. New reports are available for this.



ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 46




1.            In Swiss teams score entered were not saved under certain circumstances.

2.            In 1 1/2 table appendix an incorrect error message was issued when using the wrong number of rounds.

3.            Load names would leave out some names

4.            Barometer events in second session did not tally totals from 1st session

5.            Club name was wrong on some reports

6.            'B' grade masterpoints were set to Gold not red.

7.            Web site changes for upload of ratings


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 45




1.            Toolbars items could not be removed on first showing

2.            The default path for Bridgemates controller was not correct.

3.            Board numbers greater than the number of boards in any sections were duplicated under certain conditions.



ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 44




1.            Auto page down in name entry did not work always.

2.            VP scale with negative values would not be correct

3.            Team names (known as) were not always retained

4.            Results best scores could fail when no names assigned.

5.            Butler scored pairs where an average was awarded caused the datum to be zero

6.            Zero table numbers in Swiss teams manual draw caused failure

7.            In pairs events when changing the MP grade the colour did not change on [recalculate]

8.            Negative score adjustments etc were shown as 10% of the actual value.

9.            VP scale definitions with negative values were shown as 10% of the actual values.

10.        Board numbers greater than the number of boards in any sections were ignored by Bridgemates

11.        Note the 5 Table 8 round 3/4 Howell in the standard library (and Bridge Directing Complete) has pairs playing each other twice.



1.            An new option is available in teams to copy all the names from the outright field to the session.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 43




1.            The default number of winners in events would change unpredictably

2.            Replace section now retains the letter of the old section

3.            Swiss teams with three way matches could not assign tables correctly

4.            The default table assignment in Swiss teams is now tables nos.=match nos.

5.            In bridgemates the table assignment in Swiss teams is tables=matches (A & B)




1.            Multi-events can now use a single Bridgemate database and server (easily).

2.            Bridgemate ease of use has been improved. Comprehensive documentation is now available.


Bridgemate documentation is available from: user’s guide.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 42




1.            The player's rating report was limited to those who had improved

2.            Qualifiers for Swiss pairs are now possible.

3.            Swiss pairs butler datum score was zero.

4.            In Swiss teams using Bridgemates some scores were not marked as processed and so the % read was incorrect.

5.            In pairs score entry it was possible to get an endless loop when using "missing" option


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 41




1.            When using Bridgemates it was possible to get a system error when switching sessions.

2.            The wrong club name was shown on the top of the month end ratings reports




1.            The [shift] key can be used with down-arrow and up-arrow to move the cursor to the next table during shorthand score entry

2.            The session number, title and date are now available in the report CALC tab for inclusion in event reports


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 40




1.            Incorrect team numbers could be entered during score entry

2.            Board report and results for teams were not correct when using "average"

3.            In barometer events, all rounds were rescored each time a round was scored.

4.            "Missing" scores option in table number order would hang if all scores were present

5.            If the "known as" name for a team is blank you are now warned.

6.            The link names option was incorrectly available in teams and caused a crash.

7.            Under some circumstances it was possible for the screens not appear on the monitor

8.            Teams events using Bridgemates with more than one section gave incorrect % read




1.            The board numbers can be changed in Swiss teams events when using board score entry.

2.            A new option for the CARDS ratings system has been added: [Reports][Month-end ratings] has been added. This option also appears automatically when the cards file is imported at start of month.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 39



1.            Personal score sheets had invalid contracts next to NoBid results

2.            The position of all screens are now remembered

3.            In teams events the masterpoint type was not always honoured on score-up using previous options

4.            Very rarely ASE8 would not start correctly

5.            Awarding negative scores F3 and F4 in IMP scoring would not work

6.            Awarding negative adjustments in the [results][event scores] were out by 10 times.




1.            Bridgemate software release 1.6.16 is now supported and required by this release of ASE for correct "update from round" procedures.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 38




1.            A spurious error message was issued during scoring of swiss teams events after session 1.

2.            Swiss pairs events run using bridgemates did not score the boards correctly.

3.            [Esc] key did not work for longhand data entry under some conditions

4.            Get names from Bridgemates did not check with the user that this is what they wanted and so lost manually entered names

5.            Missing scores reported unreliably in score entry

6.            NS-Rover with even tables (plus half) did not let you enter the skip round and so did not work.

7.            Using Bridgemates with multiple sections with different numbers of boards failed.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 37




1.            When masterpoint awards were changed they were not reflected in the report without complete rescore.

2.            Transferring players names using F3 from event, in individuals, did not transfer the outright number.

3.            The share table number was not remembered correctly sometimes.

4.            Recovery procedures have been improved


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 36



1.            The [score] option always checks the masterpoints are correct.

2.            Even tables Mitchells default settings were not correct sometimes.

3.            When [system][VP scales] was used error messages were issued.

4.            Names for the NS rover pair were unable to be entered.

5.            It was possible to enter duplicate pair/team numbers in the last table of a section

6.            An invalid player number entered in West was reported OK but then paged down to the next table.

7.            Team "names" with a quote would cause problems in the finalisation of an event.

8.            Changing a pair number to an invalid number in score entry caused problems.

9.            BridgeMate [Auto Start] will now proceed correctly in all restarts. It would be rare to need to change options on a restart apart from the "update round".




1.            The ability to add event name, club name, etc to reports using the designer after the report has been designed and saved as a rpt file. To do this place a label on the report (use the [A] button) and go to the [Calc] tab and see [language] [code toolbox] and see "+function" "user details" and "Event details". Click on your choice and see the items available. In the Report Objects click on your label just added like "label3" and then in the [events for label3] right-click on the "OnGetText" event and click [new]. Then add the item of choice like: Text :=  EventTitle;


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 35



1.            In Bridgemate autorescore the screens no longer flash up annoyingly

2.            The number of players for an Individuals movement less then 8 would go into endless error loop.




1.            Rank has been added to the personal score sheets report

2.            Trace has been introduced to help solve any unforseen problems.

3.            Late tables are shown for Bridgemates.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 34




1.            Teams events ratings were not calculated correctly for unrated teams.

2.            Impacts on ratings for teams events with low numbers of boards were incorrect.

3.            The names of players in individual events could not be added sometimes.

4.            The percentage of results received from the bridgemates shown in the slide was not correct sometimes.




1.            Support for the latest Bridgemate software:

a.       Bridgemate Pro Control    1.6.14

b.      Bridgemate Pro server     1.2.3

c.       Bridgemate Pro            2.2.1a


2.            New feature: the ability to save names, movements and scores from any pair’s sections, and then load them into another section. These files are in a CSV format and can be supplied by manual methods and from other scoring programs.

3.            Option added to show current round as scores come in from bridgemates.




ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 33




1.                  The board numbers in a manual draw, Swiss pairs event, were always for board set 1

2.                  Using club numbers display when adding names, and using "surname" entry caused other players to be "not found".

3.                  Changing data entry method for boards could cause hang when using BridgeMates

4.                  In 3 way teams match the table numbers on last row of screen grid could not be changed.

5.                  Under certain conditions the export to CSV files options failed.


ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 32




1.                  Masterpoints for B5i events were wrong

2.                  The system was hanging when using Search name function with FPP updates.

3.                  Using the bridge name for name searches showed incorrect column titles

4.                  Masterpoints for tied results were split on tie break rules

5.                  Manual draw in Swiss teams with three-way matches failed with Abort.

6.                  Swiss teams results/event scores did not show team 15

7.                  When defining a new pairs section the number of boards per set would reset to the default value sometimes.





1.                  The players first name has been introduced as a name search option. A space and letter after the first name will narrow the search to surnames beginning with that letter.

2.                  Qualifiers may be moved as a group into finals when moved to a high level (e.g. NS field).

3.                  Qualifiers can have a carried forward score included in the next stage.

4.                  Sections of varying numbers of boards in a session have no required order (the largest used to be needed first).



ASE Scorer 8 release 1.0 Service Pack 31




1.                  Individuals masterpoints default 1st place awards were not correct.

2.                  Club details were not retained in a new masterfile.

3.                  Performance while scoring was poor for larger databases

4.                  The main screen lost focus after scoring

5.                  Individual ratings reports were incorrect

6.                  Shared database options failed sometimes when opened through the server