Data entry key mapping

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Data entry key mapping

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The shorthand score data entry key mapping option presents the screen:




To make changes to the default keys, select the key action, then select the keyboard choice you require. Click [OK] to enforce the changes. [Cancel] will discard the changes.


The default setting for the actions are:


NS plus score [+]

NS minus score [-]

Repeat score [enter]

Next score [up][é]

Prior score [dn][ê]

Next board [PgUp]

Prior board [PgDn]


The possible values for the keyboard choices are:


[+] the plus key

[-] the minus key

[enter] the [enter] key

[up] [é] the up arrow key

[dn] [ê] the down arrow key

[PgUp] the page up key

[PgDn] the page down key

[/] the / key on the numeric key pad

[*] the * key on the numeric key pad

[space bar] the long bar for a space

[Home] the home key

[End] the end key

[=] the equal key

[.] the dot key on the numeric key pad