Creating a ¾ Howell with switching

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Creating a ¾ Howell with switching

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Enter the basic ¾ Howell movement in the usual way.


Enter the first round seating with relays e.g. 14-1 0 4-6 0 9-10 0 7-3 0 12-2 0 11-13 0 5-8 4

(note last table relays make up rest of board sets)


Save it and then create a new event using this movement (7 tables 1 winner) using the default pair numbers. Note: only one board per set is necessary for this exercise.


Go to the board scores entry screen and use [F9] to switch the pairs as required by your movement.


Then use [Advanced]/[Section]/[Save Movement] to save this movement (with switching).


Then from [Club]/[Movements]/[User] use [Load] to load this movement from file just created and create the movement with 7 tables 11 rounds, including the switching.


In future use this User movement for this type of event.