Getting organised

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Getting organised

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It's a good idea to do a little planning before you start using ASE Scorer.


Think about where you are going to put your files. There are many types of files that you will end up having to put somewhere. Let us consider the structure of folders that are supplied automatically during the standard installation.



You will note the installation of ASE Scorer Version 9 and after the first time you startup, the folder C:\ASE9Data\masters will already contain your members' masterfile. Using this one folder with all the sub-folders that hold your files is highly recommended. The example above has the following sub-folders, where the files of that nature should be saved.



When an event has been finalised it recommended you save a backup in the backup folder. During finalisation you are prompted to make a backup.




When an event is first saved, place it in the events folder. Each time it is saved after doing some more work on the event it will be re-saved in the events folder.



Save your club members masterfile here. There are times when you may want more than one club masterfile. Care must be taken in managing events associated with each masterfile. Perhaps a separate folder would be needed for events for each masterfile. After first time startup this folder will contain your members.gdb and abf.gdb files.



There are times when you will be designing new reports that suit the club's requirements. These can be saved in a report file for later use, or to give to another user or club.



When you print reports they normally go to the printer. There are times when you will want to put them into other file formats such as Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf) or web browser format (.html). Place such files in this folder.