Handle average scores

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Handle average scores

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Assigning average scores and adjusted scores is a simple process during score entry. The average score is entered using the function key [F2].


It is important to realize that the ASE Scorer uses the WBF formula for fouled boards and adjusted scores. There have been some inquiries regarding the results produced in these situations. The rules are reported in the ACBL Bulletin June 1991 pages 15 and 16.


The basic formula is: M = (N x S)/n + (N - n)/2n


M=final matchpoints on board

N=number of scores on the board

S=matchpoint score in group

n=number of scores in group


This applies to groups of 4 or more scores

It also applies to a group of 3 if it is the largest group (else 70%,60%,50%)

Group of 2 gets 65% and 55%

Equal scores share arbitrary scores

Single scores get 60% rounded to nearest 10th.


Where averages are awarded, the other pairs in the field have this formula applied.


When scores are missing from the results the ASE Scorer does adjust for them. The scores other than the missing scores are factored to the correct top (the WBF formula is not used) and the pairs results are factored up to the equivalent result on a pro-rata basis. When scores are missing the results can only be viewed as an estimate until a decision is made by the tournament director as to what the scores should be.