Installing report sets

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Installing report sets

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When you choose the [Install set] menu option this screen appears:


Open the report set file (shown as "ASE all reports.set" in the example above). You will have placed the report set file in a folder of your choice before using this option. The [Open] option will present you with an [Open dialogue] where you can choose the folder and report set file you wish to use. Once you open the file a list of reports in the set are shown in the list box to the left.


Before you choose to [Install] the "report set", make sure the other options are set to your needs. The option "Remove previous report names from all reports" should be ticked in most cases. Where you already use report files (.rpt) then these can be opened again as required using the "open" option in the [Reports] menu. When this "Remove previous report names from all reports" option is not ticked an attempt is made to leave any existing reports in the menu lists, but they are pushed down the list (which is limited to 9).


The "Installation choice" shows three options:

All files

Only the .rpt files

Only the .mnu files


The .mnu files contain the default reports, and these will replace the standard installation .mnu files. If you have changed these files (by adding reports to the default lists) then  you would choose not to replace these. Alternatively you may choose to save a backup copy of those files before this installation. They are found in the data installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\ASEComputing\ASE Scorer 8\Data).


Many report sets will not contain .mnu files. Most report sets will only contain .rpt files, therefore normally only the .rpt files will be selected for installation.


Once the report set is opened select the [Install] button. You will be asked to select a folder where all the reports (*.rpt) are to be placed. Perhaps the best spot is the same folder where you placed the report set file being installed (shown as "C:\ASE8\Reports in the above example). Do not install the reports in the ASEScorer 8 install directory.