Main scoring options

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Main scoring options

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This panel is presented when the [Score] option is selected on scoring menu. It allows you to choose the scoring options.


This function scores the event and/or session according to the parameters shown in this panel.


A valid result may be produced at any time. The more scores entered the more accurate the result. All results are factored to the same top on all boards and the same number of results for each pair.


If you have changed any scores (scoring by round) in any previous rounds the ASE Scorer will re-score up to and including the current round.


Where there are no changes made to the scores in the current session and you request a re-score, the ASE Scorer does not recalculate the scores.


Scoring Method

Press the Combo box button to the right to see the complete list of options available. Choose the scoring method required. Depending on the scoring method chosen, the subsequent screens will vary.


Accumulate totals from

Press the Combo box button to the right to see the list of options available. The possibilities are 'Scores', 'Percentages' and 'Victory Points'. Where percentages and VPs are chosen, they are used to produce the session or round scores depending on the 'score by round' option below.


Where you are scoring by round, the % or VPs are used (not IMPs) to produce the scores on each round. Where you are not scoring by round, the % or VPs are produced at the end of the session and accumulated in the event outright scores.


Note percentages are only available in Match Point scoring. Using a VP scale with other than IMP scoring (Butler) or signed matchpoint scoring is unusual, but still possible; the choice of the VP scale is important. After you press [OK] a screen is presented so you may choose the VP scale to be used.


Masterpoint the event.

If you require automatic masterpointing tick this field. With manual masterpointing (or none) leave it un-ticked.


Score by round

When this is ticked only the current round (shown in the selection panel) is scored.


Note an exception is when the scores of previous rounds have been changed, then the system automatically re-scores up to the current round.


This function only applies where the sections in the current session are barometer movements.


Score sections separately

Occasionally for organisational reasons it may be necessary to combine and report the results of several sections that are of a different size and are playing different boards. In this case, and when using matchpoint scoring, you need to carefully select the "factor-to-tables" so that the scores have some meaning to the players.


When this field is ticked, each of the sections are scored independently, but with the same top on all boards. Generally this is not recommended, rather you should treat each of the sections as a different event.


Sum handicap scores for outright

When this field is ticked all scores are adjusted by the handicaps before summing the outright result. The handicap is applied to these scores before ranking the results. Masterpoint awards are not produced when the handicap is applied to the results.


Score stratum

The field of pairs or teams in the event can be divided into strata, making the event a stratified event. By leaving this field blank all the results are combined.


Where you wish to report on a particular stratum, enter the letter representing the stratum here. See the name entry screen for more details on setting up such an event.



These fields may be changed to select the session/section or round which are to be scored. Normally these are not need to change as the current choice is the one needed.