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The first step is to enter your serial number and registration key.

If you do not have these you may continue to use the ASE Scorer Version 9 for 30 days on a trial basis.

After that time you will be required to supply the serial number and key.





Follow the instructions on this screen. For example it reads:


To use the ASE Scorer 9 you are required to register. Each computer using ASE Scorer 9 will require a serial number and registration key.


If you already have a serial number please enter that number in the top line, the two values separated by the hyphen. If you also have the registration key for this computer please enter that number in the last line, and click OK.


Where you have already purchased a serial number but not obtained a key for this computer you are required to obtain the key by emailing, posting or faxing the request to ASE Computing.


In that request you must supply the computer ID: 2CF5-3B30. In addition where you have a serial number that also must be supplied. Serial number: 135-7271


Where you do not have a serial number you need to purchase one.You may purchase using PayPal by sending $AUD149.00 to


In that purchase specify your name and computer ID: 2CF5-3B30. The key will be sent back to the email address used in the purchase.


Alternatively email for other payment methods.


Make sure you select the correct country before proceeding, registered or not.


Press [OK] to complete the procedure.


If the registration is correct then the ASE Scorer Version 9 can be used with no time limitation. Registration is a one off procedure.


If you select "Australia" as the country there are extra features that will be available such as club name and address, and the player membership and the full ABF membership list. Australian masterpoints will also be calculated automatically.