Reporting options

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Reporting options

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There are a number of options available in the report generator. See the options menu item:



Regenerate [F5]: this regenerates the report currently specified. The current report details are replaced entirely.

Design [F6]: the designer screen is shown so that you may make detailed changes to the report. The regenerate option replaces a report that has been changed with the designer.

Auto Generate [F7]: each time you choose to print or preview the report the report will be automatically regenerated. This allows you to make changes to the specifications and view the results without needing to explicitly select the regenerate option.

Export raw data: is the way to write a text file containing all the data used to produce this report type. You are presented with a save dialogue to select the name and place of the file you wish to write the information to.

Data layout: allows you to write the layout information depicting the raw data produced in the Export raw data option. You are presented with a save dialogue to select the file to write the information.

Toolbar: ticking this option means the reporting toolbar will appear. The toolbar may be placed in the docking locations on the top and side of this screen.