Support and enhancements

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Support and enhancements

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We are continually striving to improve our personal computer software products. If you have a suggestion which you feel will improve the ASE Scorer we are certainly interested in discussing it with you.


All reasonable suggestions for enhancements will be seriously considered for inclusion in future versions of the ASE Scorer. Feel free to write to us.


The user community is large and the online forum is the best place to find answers to any difficult question. See the forum at this link: ASE computing forum


If you encounter a problem with the ASE Scorer that you cannot solve please contact ASE. We will evaluate any problem reported and attempt to correct it and provide you with a circumvention or upgraded software at our discretion. If you are reporting a problem you should be prepared to provide the files of the events in which the problems are occurring and submit the problem report to ASE.


Please forward all support issues via email to