Three way matches, manual draw

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Three way matches, manual draw

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Using a Swiss teams type of event in ASE Scorer Version 9 you can conduct a round robin event.

In the session definition click the [Teams draw] button (alt-T) and define your own draw.

On subsequent rounds using [session][new], choose [no] to "automatic draw' and the same draw option is available on each round.


Care is needed with an odd number of teams where you want to play a 3-way match. The 3-way is over two rounds/sessions and so in the second round of the two, the teams in the 3-way should not be included in the number of teams and the draw for that round. If you have an odd number of teams (after eliminating those in the 3-way,e.g. a team drops out) then a bye must be played for that round only.


When doing a manual draw for 3-way matches over two rounds you must specify a different number of teams in the draw on each round.


For example with 7 teams to start, the draw is:

7 - 4

6 - 5

1-2-3 (over two rounds)

Because it is over two rounds the next round for 1,2,3 is already defined.

Then for the next round add a session but with 4 teams not 7

and use draw

4 - 6

5 - 7

and next (7 teams)

2 - 6

3 - 7

1-4-5 (over two rounds)

and next (4 teams)

7 - 2

6 - 3

and next (7 teams)

2 - 4

3 - 5

1-6-7 (over two rounds)

and last (4 teams)

5 - 2

4 - 3