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Jeanie – the movement Wizard

Your bridge club movement manager


Jeanie is a unique computer program for bridge organizers, directors and scorers. Jeanie is the next generation of tournament director tools, augmenting and even replacing existing movement reference books. The main features are:


Includes all movements for pairs and individuals events.

The movements are organized into libraries for quick reference

Create your own movements and place them in your own library.

Modify existing movements to suit your needs with the click of a few keys.

Print table guide cards for any movement

Print player guide cards for the more difficult to organize events

Use any movement in any scoring program where the author chooses to participate. It is even possible to use movements in a scorer where the author is not involved.

All scoring programs are immediately improved by having all movements available.

All authors of scoring programs have simple tools available for incorporating Jeanie in their scorer. This includes a standard library file that is compatible with all programming languages.

Jeanie automatically checks and publishes the balance (calibre) of the movement.

Standard director's instructions are available for all movements which you can change to suit your needs.

You may make global changes to all movements in any library.

You may introduce switching to improve balance and optionally automatically balance any movement.

All guide cards clearly identify switched rounds.

You may add appendix tables to any existing movement.

Change all instructions to any language.

Organise your club's favourite movements into a special library.

Select a movement from a list of all available movements that satisfy your needs including the number of tables, rounds, winners, boards, balance etc.

Share movement libraries with other users of Jeanie.

Comprehensive help system at the click of a key.

Intuitive and easy to use software.

Simple editors for all parts of the movements, including movement type, descriptions and references.

View all the properties of any movement from one screen.

Supports several languages.

Automatic analysis of movements to identify problems and weaknesses. Includes full statistical analysis of the comparisons of pairs.


...and the list goes on. Just try Jeanie to see how it can help you with your bridge movements.