[3 Scores]

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[3 Scores]

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Enter the scores achieved by the players on the [3 Scores] tab.



You can enter scores for the section, session or event depending on the type of event and your needs.


To enter the session scores use the quick key [F5].


The board scores are for pairs and individuals events only. In any event type, including pair and individuals, it is possible to enter only the session results, bypassing the board scores.


Therefore normally the session scores are only entered in teams events. During this entry is it possible to get the ASE Scorer to convert IMP results to VP scores. The outright scores are calculated by the ASE Scorer.


Even so, the session scores may be changed for a pairs or individuals event. Care must be taken here as the ASE Scorer will "re-score" the session if you go back to an earlier session and change any data, and so replacing any changes made for the session. Only make changes to the session scores after you are happy that the session scores are final.


Another reason for entering the session scores in a pairs event is where an event has been scored manually. The sessions scores are entered to get the ASE Scorer to calculate the masterpoints and report the results.


The outright scores can be altered as needed too. An important reason for entering the outright scores is to include scores brought forward from a previous event. Enter these after scoring the first session. Normally the automatic carry forward score procedures would be used in the ASE Scorer, but manual changes are sometimes required.