Working with events

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Working with events

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Once you start a new event or open an existing event, there are nine tabs showing on the main screen. You can switch between the tabs very simply by pressing the number of the tab on the keyboard. Also you can step through the tabbed pages using the [Ctrl-Tab] key combination, or to step backwards use the [Ctrl-Shift-Tab] combination.


Within a tabbed page you can move about the options using the [Tab] key (or reverse using [Shift-Tab]).


The 9 main tabs are:


[1 Start] start another event

[2 Names] enter the names of players participating in the event

[3 Scores] enter the scores achieved by the players

[4 Score up] calculate the results of the event

[5 Results] view the results of the event

[6 Reports] print or view the reports about the event's results

[7 Advanced] use advanced options applying to the current event, session or sections

[8 Finish] finish up the event, save or finalise

[9 Details] View the details of the properties of the event