Award two scores to a result

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Award two scores to a result

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This panel is presented when function [Ctrl-F1] is selected in score entry. It allows you to specify two different scores for the North-South and East-West pairs. A different match point result is obtained for each of these pairs.


When match pointing the rest of the scores on this board, the score for this entry is treated as an average.


You may enter any score for North-South and any score for East-West. Either score may be positive or negative. For example, North-South may be awarded -145 and East-West +423.


When the board is scored it is first match pointed with the North-South score to obtain the North-South pair's match points and then match pointed again with the East-West score to obtain the East-West pair's match points.


Once you have entered the scores, press [Enter] to proceed, or click [OK]. If you do not wish to award the 2 scores, press the [Esc] key to return without change.


In addition, it is possible to award special "average" scores. See the list (as above) in the combo box.


The combo box shows the possible values:







The pair awarded an "average minus" score receives 40% of the match points available on the board.



A pair awarded an "average" receives half the available match points on the board.

Note: this is very different to awarding an average to both pairs on the round.



The pair awarded an "average plus" receives 60% of the available match points OR their average on the session whichever is the greater.