Entering session scores

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Entering session scores

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In a pairs event you can enter or change the session scores as you require.


In most pairs events it is normal to enter the board scores and have the ASE Scorer calculate the session scores, using the scoring method of your choice.


In teams events it is not possible to enter the board scores, just the session results are entered. The ASE Scorer often is asked to convert the IMP results to VP results during the entry of those scores.


Even so, there are times when you might want just to enter the session's scores for a pairs event too. For example the session may have been scored manually (the computer was not available) and the results are known. The ASE Scorer can accept the session results via this screen, then score, masterpoint and report the event as usual.


When you score up the event, the ASE Scorer realises you do not have any board scores, and ignores the scoring method options and proceeds with all the other options you select in masterpointing etc.


When you make changes to these scores in an event that has the board scores entered, care is needed. When a change is made to the board scores the ASE Scorer will replace the scores on this screen with the new ones after recalculation. Therefore any changes that are made in terms of adjustments or penalties should be made in the event scores "adjustment" field. This will only work in a multi-session event or where there are outright pair numbers assigned to the pairs.