Entering the board scores in longhand

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Entering the board scores in longhand

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Longhand score data entry


This allows you to enter the scores achieved by the players in the complete form. The choice between score entry methods depends on the method specified on the session properties.


This method is useful when you wish to capture the complete scores achieved by the players. Here you may enter 4SW10 for a score of -420 whereas in shorthand you simply enter the -420 score.


Apart from the entry of the score, all other control keys and function keys operate in the same way as for shorthand. See the "score entry options" and "Special options" for details.


You may enter the scores achieved by the players on the board or round shown on the screen. The current entry is shown in then same colours as shorthand, with "<" on the right. This current pointer may be moved up or down by pressing the + or - key on the numeric key pad also.


When the display is showing the current round, only the current table for the round is shown. The next or prior table may be selected by using the [Page Up] or [Page Down] keys.


When entering the scores, special characters are used to indicate the suits and the seat positions of the players. For example, to enter 4 Spades by West making 10 tricks you enter 4SW10.


If you have chosen data entry method 3 (Long hand verify) in the session properties, in addition to the contract, you are required to enter the score in the same way you enter the short hand score. In the above example you enter 62-. The ASE Scorer validates this score with the score produced by the contract entered.


The keys used for the suits etc. are defined in the system defaults. You can change these keys as you require.


As each score is entered the current pointer is advanced to the next score. The new board/round/table on the top row of the screen are updated to reflect the current entry.