Session Properties

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Session Properties

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The properties of a session are initially defined when you first setup the event. Once it has been established the following fields may be changed.


The day, date, day and time are documentary information and may be changed anytime. The event may have a different date from the session. These are all available to appear on the session reports.


The score sheet order is the initial value used in the score entry screen, but may be changed once data entry has commenced.


The data entry method is selected here and will dictate the way the score entry is done. Once the method is changed here, the chosen method will be the default method in future events. See shorthand, longhand and verifying scores for more details.


Epson scoring method requires you to enter the score as a percentage (supplied by the organisers) and the score entry screen is the same as that used in the shorthand method.


The number of winners may be changed, but it is unusual. The sessions in most events are setup as a one or two winner and the movements selected in the sections are based on this decision. Even so there may be times when that decision changes after a section or two have been setup for the session. Changing this will effect a number of other decisions such as the way the pairs are numbered in the sections and event.