Header event. and system. fields

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Header event. and system. fields

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In the report header and footer, the available items include information from the system and the event.


The event items are found in the event properties, scoring options or saving the event.


The event report items available are:

Name     the Event file name

EventTypethe Type of event (pairs etc)

Title     the Title of the event

DATE     the Date of the event

Director       the tournament Director

ClubDBthe name of the Data Base in use

MPGradethe masterpoint Grade

Sessions     the number of Sessions

Session       the current Session number

VPScale      the VP Scale in use


The system items are related to the date and time today or the report page numbers.


The system report items available are:

DateCurrent system date

DateTimeCurrent system date and time

DocumentNameName of the document, as given in the PrinterSetup.DocumentName property

PrintDateTimeDate and time the report was printed (prints same date and time on every page)

PageCountTotal number pages in the group or report

PageSetCurrent page number and total pages in group or report ('1 of 5')*

PageSetDescTextual summary of page number and pagecount ('Page 1 of 5')*

PageNoCurrent page number

TimeSystem time