Introducing ASE Scorer 9

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Introducing ASE Scorer 9

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The ASE Scorer Version 9 is designed to score any type of bridge event, from the smallest to the largest, and using any type of scoring method and player movement. It is by far the most powerful scoring software available in the world today.


The ASE Scorer Version 9 is a collection of programs that are controlled automatically from the menu selection screens presented to the user. It gives the user the ability to define and modify movements used in all events they are likely to conduct.


Ease of use is paramount, with extensive variations in functions, all controlled by parameters. All parameters may be changed as the user requires.


The scores achieved by the players are entered in a simple way. All unusual situations the Tournament Director might encounter are handled automatically and simply. For example switched pairs or fouled boards are each handled with one keystroke.


The processing of the scores is done automatically by selecting the appropriate function from the scoring menu. Only the sections that have been changed are scored.


There is a comprehensive reporting system to view or print the results of any event.


The bridge club section allows you to manage the club records, including the members and visitors to the club.


ASE Scorer Version 9 features include, but are not limited to the following.


Run Pairs, Swiss Pairs, Teams, Swiss Teams and Individual  events as well as eclectic events.

Results are entered by the user from the board score sheets, or from other manually or computer scored events, with the ability to combine results into ladder or eclectic events.

Alternatively you may capture results from table-top terminals. BridgeScorers, Bridgepads and Bridgemates are all supported.

Use one of many scoring method including various Match Point and Butler methods. Cross IMPs, total point, Epson %, Percentage IMP scoring are all available

Adjusted scores, averages, special scores and fines are all simple to enter, as well as handling fouled boards

Produce printout, screen views or various file format and spread sheets for all event results

Produce reports with your requirements, including HTML files for your web pages

Change board numbers and seating arrangements after the event has started

Print traveling guide cards, table guide cards and personal score reports

Calculate Master Points automatically and export them to the national organizers as required

Handle practically unlimited numbers of sections and tables, combining the results as needed

Combine practically unlimited numbers of sessions for one outright result

Handle carried forward results, qualifiers and multi-event sessions with ease

Produce handicapped results as well as normal results in the one event

Maintains player handicaps automatically and produce seeded fields

Use any score sheets, N-S number order, round order, table order or pick-up slips

Use any movement. All the standard Mitchell types, all the standard Howell movements in Bridge Directing complete, a variety of Individual movements and user movements are included. Any other movements may be entered and saved for later use, with the ability to print table or personal guide cards

Enter players names from a list, using national or local numbers, surname search, pairs of names, club pair numbers or on the fly as needed.

Alternatively capture the names from the table-top terminals.

Enter scores in few keystrokes, or fully in longhand: contract declarer result with check totals. All scores are checked as valid, and warnings issued for unusual scores

Use the system with single stroke operation using function keys, and so satisfy the most demanding of power users.