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Your club database contains many things that are essential to using the ASE Scorer. The basic information includes the club name and address. The details of all the members of the club are essential to the organisation of the club and its events.


Normally a club will have only one club database. There are times when you may need more than one club database, particularly where the ASE Scorer is used by more than one club on the one computer. Some club organisers will use separate databases for each beginners group to keep those players separate from the main-stream players. Quite often these players will not have national numbers until they join up at a later date.


Each event is tied to the club database, in that the players' names for the event will be found in that file. When an event is finished, it is normally "finalised" and the results collated into the club database for later reporting, masterpoint management and shipment to the national body.