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While the ASE Scorer may be used by point-and-click with your mouse, the main scorer options may be selected using the standard keyboard function keys.


When the main screen is showing the following function keys will select the respective options:



[F2]...Event options

[F3]...Club options

[F4]...Enter players names for the current session

[F5]...Enter the scores for the current session

[F6]...Score up the session.

[F7]...Produce the report showing the results for the current session

[F8]...Produce the report showing the outright results for the current event

[F9]...Select the club members masterfile screen


In addition to these, there are combination function key options that perform some of the more common options.

A combination function key means you press two keys at the same time.

These "event" related options require you press the [Ctrl] key before pressing a second key, which is a key of the alphabet.


The event options are:


[Ctrl-o]...[O]pen an existing event.

[Ctrl-n]...[N]ew event, or create one that does not already exist.

[Ctrl-c]...[C]lose the current event

[Ctrl-d]...[D]elete and existing event

[Ctrl-i]...[I]mport an existing Version 7 event

[Ctrl-s]...[S]ave the current event

[Ctrl-f]...[F]inalise the current event

[Ctrl-a]...Save [A]s the current event

[Ctrl-e]...[E]clectic events

[Ctrl-r]...[R]ecover a backup of an event


On all screens the standard windows keys apply.


[Esc] selects the [Cancel] button

[Enter] selects the default button, i.e. the one with the dark line around it.