Make a new database

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Make a new database

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To create a new database for your club, go to the database manager screen and choose the [File][new club DB] menu item. Alternatively you can use the button on the main screen.




Choose the folder and your database file name using the dialogue presented next.


The club details screen is then shown. Fill in the details as best you can and press [OK]. You can always go back and make changes to this information.


Now you have a club members database.


The next thing you might want to do is load names of players from another database. When you have a previous version of the ASE scorer it is possible to load data from those databases. These options are available under the [imports][members from file] menu item.


Owners of the version 7 ASE scorer will need to save the data in the ASE 7 format text file ready to be imported. If you have a version 8 database you will need to save the database in the standard comma separated volume (CSV) format. This option is available on this same screen. See [File]/[Produce CSV file]


Import into this masterfile database using the appropriate item on the imports menu.





Another way to get players from another ASE 8/9 masterfile is to use the [New Player] option on the [Imports] menu [F2]. From that screen you will be able to select the other masterfile, and selectively copy the players from there into this database.