Using a network database

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Using a network database

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To use a member's database on a server, install Firebird/Interbase on the server. Either create the database on that server machine (using ASE Scorer Version 9) or copy it there after creating it in ASE Scorer Version 9.


If you are using Borland Interbase, use IBConsole to setup the alias.


If you are using, firebird open the aliases.conf file (with any text editor). This file is found in the directory where firebird is installed.


Add a new alias such as "asescorer = c:\ase8\masters\myDB.gdb" (without the quotes and no * at the start of the line). Of course use your own database file name and path.


On each client machine you will need to open the database on the server using the alias. From the members database screen use the [File]/[Open Server DB] menu option.


Enter the machine name of the server. In windows XP this name is found in Control Panel/system/computer name "full computer name". Other versions of windows are similar.


Enter the alias name, for example (as shown in the alias definition above) asescorer.


Click [Open]. You are now using the same shared database on this machine.