Members database and details

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Members database and details

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The members details can be edited by you using the screen above. Select the player you are interested in by clicking on the list at the left of the screen, or use the search option [F5] to locate the player.


Use the file menu to open another database, save the current database with changes, or create a new database.


Open club DB

 Open an existing club database


 Save the changes in the current club database

Save As

 Save the current club database with a new name

Close DB

 Close the club database, and no members will be available for the events

New club DB

 Create a new club database

Export DB

Save the contents of the members database to an external file. Many different formats are available.

Produce CSV file

Save the members details to a text file with all the fields separated by commas. CSV = Comma Separated Volume.

Export for bridge names

Export the names of the players to a file that can be sent to the ratings service, and so the players will be assigned bridge names for use on the internet.

Current report

  The current members' report is printed.


See the other menu items for more details on: Options, Sequence, Imports and Navigate.


See how to use the navigation bars too.