Add a new member or player

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Add a new member or player

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The add new player screen is shown whenever you request to add a new player [F2]. You can add a new player from any of the event name entry screens, as well as the members' masterfile database screen.

add player

This screen is shown when players are added during names entry, or from the members database details screen, new player option.


Fill in the details of the new player and select [OK]. The only required item on the screen is the surname. The player's name is tracked using the national number, if it exists, or the internal sequence number otherwise. See using more than one database for implications of this requirement.


It is possible to copy the details of players found on other members files, or the national database file. Select one of these files at the bottom of the screen to use this option. Turn off (un-tick) the files at the bottom if this is not needed. When a file is selected the surname search is carried out and all valid names from that file are shown in a list. When the name of your choice is highlighted by using the up and down arrows, press [Enter] to select and use that player. You can also double-click on the name of your choice.


The national number can also be used to locate a player on the search file. Type the number and click [Select] to use that player. If the player is found on the search file all the players details are transferred to the current members database.