Matchpointed pairs options

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Matchpointed pairs options

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When matchpointed pairs is chosen as the scoring method then you will be asked to enter the factor-to-tables value.


This field should be equal to the number of times the board is played in this session and dictates the TOP on the boards of the current session.


Occasionally you may require this field not to be equal to the number of times the board is played in the session.


1.Where the players usually see their results match pointed to a particular size field, (for example, 13 tables) and the section being scored does not have that number of tables, you may still require the results be produced with the same TOP as 13 tables.
2.Where you are scoring a session with more than one section, and the sections have different numbers of tables, you need to score the session by section. See score by section. Using the same factor-to-tables value for each of the sections when scored, the results are comparable when combined in the one session.


See the club's default options for other Matchpointing rules applying to the scoring.


These include double or single matchpoints, signed matchpoints and matchpoint type.