Pair and table number assignment

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Pair and table number assignment

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In all pairs events you may change the default values assigned to the pairs and table numbers. The screen presented is:


The table numbers are shown on the left of the screen, with table one at the top of the list. The North-South and east-west pairs are shown to the right of these with the numbers depending on the type of movement chosen.


It is possible to change the pair numbers manually but an easier way is to use the re-number options shown on the right-hand side screen. These options allow you to make global changes to the pair numbers.



Select the re-number option that you require and then click the apply re-number button. To return the standard default values click the standard defaults and apply.


The table numbers cannot be changed individually but can be changed globally with the options available on this screen. You may add 1, 10 or 100 to all the table numbers.


When you are satisfied with the changes simply press the [Done] button.