Teams section properties

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Teams section properties

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In teams there are sections, and each section is limited to 45 teams.


Only the number of teams and the number of boards per match may be entered. The number of boards per match is only used in the calculation of the masterpoint awards.


When creating a new section for a teams event, the number of groups may be 1 or 2. All teams are assumed to play all others. When the number of teams is odd, there is only one group. When the number is even this may not be the case, for example, in events such as Mirror teams, where half the field play the other half.


Where the number of groups is 1, all teams play all others. Where it is 2, all the teams in group 1 play all teams in group 2, but do not play the teams in group 1. Similarly for group 2.


Select the team numbers button to change the team numbers. Enter the numbers of the teams in the section. The numbers must be unique for this section. It is desirable that all the team numbers in the session are also unique as that simplifies the entry of players names etc.