Player search screen

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Player search screen

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When you press the search option in your members options the search panel is shown:


Once it has been selected this screen can be left open and available to make many searches. Each time you select the player their details are shown on the main members screen.


Choose the search type on the left. The national player number, the local club member number or the player's surname may be used to find them.


When a number is used, the complete number is required, and then press [Enter] or click [Select]. If the player is found on file they are shown in the members screen. If not found an error message is displayed.


When the surname is used in the search, the partial name may be all that is required. Where you are looking for a common surname, such as "Brown", you may find that the list is very long. The list may be narrowed by entering a space in the name followed by the first initial. Therefore "brown j" will show all the "J Brown" people, including, for example, "J Brownlee". Most frequently the first 4 letters of the surname and the initial narrows the list to a small number of candidates.