Qualifying field management.

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Qualifying field management.

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When you select the qualifiers option, the procedure is to move the pairs from the current event to one or more other events.


You can move them from a session in the current event, or use the outright results.


Each of the next or final events need to already exist so they may be opened using the [Open] option. Then the session of that event is selected (usually this would be session 1) and the field of that session is shown by clicking the [Show field] button. Open all the "next" events before moving the qualifying pairs to the next events.


Once the next event sessions are opened, click on the Pair, Field, Section, Session or Event that you wish to move to the next event. Hold the left button down while you slide the selection to the destination, where you let go the button on the mouse so that you "drop" the pairs.


One of the uses of this function is to move pairs from one session of an event to the next session. The next session can be in the same event.


On the next event screen the option "Outright pairs" refers to pair numbers of the outright field in the next event.


Use existing numbers

The numbers already assigned to the session players will be used in the outright field. The players moved from the qualifying event will be used for that pair in the session and the outright field.


Generate new numbers

The outright pair numbers will be assigned starting with 1, in sequence, to the session pairs.


Do not generate

There will be no outright pairs established. The outright pair numbers for the session pairs will be set to zero. Note, care is needed here. Where the Session pairs have unique pair numbers across the entire field, the pairs in the session will be automatically assigned outright pair numbers the same as the session pair numbers and so the outright field will be created as if the first option is used: "Use existing numbers".


Once you are happy with the results, click the [Save] button to complete the exercise.


Click [Cancel] to exit without any changes.