Session advanced options

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Session advanced options

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Create, change and remove the sessions of the current event from this tab.



Add a new session to the current event. The event wizard is invoked to create the next session. The new session number will be one more than the last session in the event.



Delete the current session in the event. The current session number is shown at the top of this screen. All other sessions are renumbered from one, with the current session being replaced by the original next higher numbered session.



The properties dialogue for the current event is shown, allowing you to make as required.


Add Pairings

All the pairs in the current session are added to the club's pairs file. During the entry of names for any event this pairs file is available so that you can choose pairs from there. In most clubs it is normal for the same pairs to play from week to week so that using this option allows you to select a pair rather than the players individually.


Add Attendance

This option updates the players' attendance records with today's date. This option is done automatically when a player's name is entered into any event. Where the names are entered over a number of days prior to the start of an event, this option is selected so that their attendance (last in date) is updated to today.