Round timer

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Round timer

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The timer allows you to set a time limit on the rounds of play. The timer screen can be open and visible while you do any other things in the ASE Scorer Version 9.


The [Close] button will stop the timer, and remove the screen from vision. The timer screen will be minimised with the main screen, but continue to count down. If you lose track of the timer screen while in countdown, it is hidden from sight, then click on the [Timer] button in the club advanced screen


The [Reset] button will start the timer again, using the values in Timeout and Warning. The timeout value is the number of minutes to expire before the bell is sounded. A warning bell is issued when the timer reaches the value in Warning. All values are shown in minutes.


The timer can be paused (timeout) by pressing the [Pause] button. Once pause is pressed the caption on the pause button changes to [continue] which when pressed will continue the countdown. The current time left, including seconds, are immediately below the pause button. The larger red numbers show the number of minutes left.


If you tick the Auto reset option, then when the timer stops sounding the bell for the end of one round, then the timer is automatically reset for the next round.


If you want to change the sounds (the bell) use the [Sounds] button. A sound dialogue is displayed.