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The club's advanced option are not used very often, and usually by the club administrator or senior director.



The [Defaults ] supply a series of values that will be used by the ASE Scorer Version 9 when the initial value for the items are required. The first time the scorer is started you will have the opportunity to set these values, and any time the club's requirements change.


The [Export MPs] option is used periodically, depending on the national administrator's requirements, and the players achievements are output to a file. Optionally these files are sent to the national organisers.


When the [Export MPs] option is used the destination of the masterpoints etc are defined in the [Internet] options screen. There the email addresses and other options are defined.


When entering players names in events it is very handy to be able to look for players who are not on your club's masterfile, and find them via their national number. The [National file] is setup here, and always available for all future events.


The [Timer] option will display a timer screen, and will sound whenever the time allocated to a round has been exceeded. This screen can remain open and visible while the ASE Scorer Version 9 is used to score the event and look after other club management needs.


The [Export players] option will produce a comma separated volume (CSV) text file for all the players on the current club masterfile. You will be asked to select a file into which to place these.


All the toolbars available in the toolbar menu item can be defined and otherwise organised using the pop up menu that will appear when the right mouse button is clicked on this screen. Select the toolbar of interest from that menu.