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Event wizard event type

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The key item on the event wizard screen is the event type. To change the event type requires the set up of new event.


Event type

There are 5 different types of events.

Pairs, Swiss pairs, Teams, Swiss teams and Individuals.


The event type dictates the nature of the following session and/or section wizard steps, the screens and their content. They will be specific to the event type.


Pairs events are those with any number of pairs competing, and using any of the many scoring methods available. There will be either one or two winners in the event.


A Swiss event is one where the next round's draw is determined by the relative positions of the pairs/teams in the event field.


In a Swiss event a "round" is equivalent to a "session". The first session details are supplied during this setup stage. Details of subsequent sessions will be supplied later or automatically generated by the ASE Scorer.


When a session is created manually (rather than the automatic Swiss) the "movement" is automatic (based on the number of tables specified) and the "draw" is determined by the numbers you enter.


In a Swiss pairs event the numbers must be unique across the whole event. Where the session consists of a number of sections care is needed. Note: multiple sections are needed where there are more than 45 tables in the field - this is an internal limitation the ASE Scorer - but the management of the sections in subsequent rounds is handled automatically and is invisible to the players. The ASE Scorer checks that the numbers are unique.


When creating Swiss pairs events, the section information is reduced to simply the board set number and the number of boards in the set. Where a half table is involved, the last table is assumed to contain the sit-out pair. Where an odd number of pairs are in the Swiss draw, the lowest ranked pair that has not sat out is placed at the sit out table.


In a Swiss teams event there are no sections, and each session has all the teams (maximum of 500). Each session in the event may have a different number of teams (but the results may need care) and teams may be withdrawn using the "out of draw" option on the teams name entry screen.


In ordinary teams there are sections, and each section is limited to 45 teams.


A Swiss pairs event is scored by "round", and a session contains only one round. Typically a Swiss pairs event is scored using "Butler" methods, but may be scored in all available methods. Where the accumulated results are Victory Points, they are used in determining the draw.


Teams events involve teams of 4 to 6 players (plus non-playing captains) in many and varied types of movements and scoring methods.


Individuals events only involve single players, and will produce one winner. Any of the individuals movements will work here, but only matchpointed scoring is available.


Where a teams event is created, the section information is limited. The scores on each board are not recorded, but rather the IMP and VP results are captured as session scores.