Event wizard buttons

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Event wizard buttons

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The [Help] button shows this help topic.



The [Finish] button will terminate the wizard at this point. Only the event type has been defined.


None of the properties of the sessions or sections of the event have been defined.


Typically the main reason for doing this is so that you may have an event to which you can assign the players. The number of tables, sections or sessions are as yet undefined.


After the entries to the event are known, and the pairs organised into some order (such as seeding) the section(s) of the event are defined. The pairs entered in the event are then assigned to their seats.



The [Next] screen of the event wizard is shown, which is the session wizard screen. The properties of the session are then entered, and the dialogue proceeds to the section wizard if applicable.


From the [Next] screen you may use the [Back] button to return to this screen.



The [Cancel] button terminates the event wizard. To return to this screen you will need to start a new event again.