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Section Properties

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The details of the section movement are shown like this.


You can only change the Colour and Letter on this screen. To change any other properties (other than board numbers, see below) you will need to replace the section with another.


The term color is not necessarily accurate as you may enter any string of characters in this field, but frequently sections are named by colors. The colour may be printed on reports that are specific to this section; that is, when you score the session by section.


All other information shown is documentary, describing the current section.

Most information shown is self explanatory and is based on the information entered when you defined the section using the section wizard.


The table and board-set layout describes the section setup for round one. This should not be confused with the movement description originally used to define this section:


Consider a Howell movement. The Howell movement is defined with N-S v E-W for each table with the number of board sets between each table on a bye-stand. When it is later shown on this panel as a section, round one information shows the seating for round one (including any pair number changes) and the board set number played at each table (distinct from the number of sets between each table on the bye-stand).


This distinction is important as the first set played on round 1, at table 1 need not be set 1. In addition it is not necessary for the N-S and E-W pairs to be the same as the pair numbers in a Howell movement. These pair numbers are the same as the original movement only when the default pair numbers are used.