The report builder calc tab

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The report builder calc tab

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Where you want to place special values in the report use the report [Calc] tab. The example here shows the special values available in event reports.


To assign a special value to a label on your report use the [Calc] tab. Click on your "Label"  then right-click on the "OnGetText" event. Click the menu item [New]. The "OnGetText" event code is then shown on the lower left. Choose the [language] tab in the toolbox on the lower right and select the source function. The specials include "UserDetails", "EventDetails" and "PlayerDetails". Click on your choice and the items in that function are listed.


Use drag and drop techniques to move your selected item from the toolbox to the event on the left where "Text := " is shown. For details of the player you must supply the "player number" with the value of choice as a "parameter". The user and event details do not require any parameters.


To assign values to the label that are part of the report query use the [Data] tab on the lower right. The [Objects] tab contains the properties of the objects in your report and are not available for inclusion in your report.