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Club member's reports

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The members reports are selected from the menu item in the members details screen or the club masterfile tab. Depending on the report destination option on the masterfile tab the report will be directed to the printer or screen.


Where "change" is selected then the club members report generator screen is shown:


With the report generator you can specify new reports, use existing default reports or load reports saved on report files.


There are 7 different report types available:


1.Members list
2.Mailing labels
3.Eclectic events
4.All eclectic events
5.All masterpoints
6.Masterpoints for an event
7.Masterpoints for a period


Depending on the report type, there are different data available in the information that can be included in the report. You can select the fields you wish to see in the report from those available on the tab "include in the report".


Similar procedures are used in selecting the information shown on the report header and footer.


Once you have chosen the data in the report, the print preview [F3] will show the resulting report. The process can continue, modifying the fields to be viewed, their properties and the order the report is to appear and preview again. Continue this process until you have the report you need.


The size of the paper, number of columns etc may be changed as needed.


The limiting of the selection using the restrict data tab may be changed for any report at any time. That is, more than one query may be used with the same report layout.


Often your report will be similar to other examples, such as those available in the default reports list. By selecting a previous report, then making some modifications and regenerating the report you will speed up the production of a new report.


Once a report is fully designed you can save it in a file or as a new default.


Sometimes the changes you need to make are more extensive than the options available in the generator, and so you will need to use the designer [F6]. Once you make changes via the designer, you no longer would use the generator as that would destroy any changes made in the designer. Once you use the designer the auto generate [F7] option is turned off. If you need to regenerate from then on you would need to use the regenerate option [F5] or switch the auto generate back on.


Also, once the report has been changed using the designer, it can no longer be saved in the defaults list [F4] but needs to saved in a file [Ctrl-A]. The file contains all the details of any changes.