The user interface (Overview)

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The user interface (Overview)

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The ASE Scorer Version 9 is controlled from the main screen.


The main objects of your attention are the "current event" and the "bridge club". The two main tabs on the main screen are the event tab [Event F2] and the club tab [Club F3].


All the navigation of the system start at these points. Note you may have only one event (called the current event) and one club masterfile open at any time. The event you have open, the current event, is linked to the club masterfile as the players in the event are found on that file.


An event may be a "work in process" or "finalised". It is usually only finalised once it is completed, but you may choose to bring it back to a work in process state as needed. A finalised event is a candidate for exporting its masterpoint awards to the national body. Also it may be exported to the ratings update.


Once an event is finalised it may be included in an eclectic event. An eclectic event is an event of a different type to the normal events, as its results are a combination of results from many other normal events.