Organise event naming

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Organise event naming

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Any new event should be named in such a way that you will be able to recognise the event from the file name.


The title of the event is different from the name. The title is used in the reporting of the event, and may be similar to the name. The name is the "file name" and what you can see in the windows explorer. Even so the default file name is the same as the title. When saving events ensure they are saved in the "Events" folder.


It is recommended you format the  Event Title according to the following examples:


Mon 23 Jan Day (Day time sessions)

Mon 23 Jan Night (Night time)

Mon 23 Jan Social

You will see that ASE already displays "Mon 23 Jan" so all you need to do is add Day, Night or Social.

Note:  Do not use the forward slash as in 23/1/06 or other special characters not suitable in the name of a Windows file.


Special Events might be called:

Club Mixed Pairs Qual.

Club Mixed Pairs Final

Club Mixed Pairs Plate

Summer Teams


Where you have more than one club database it is important you organise and name your events so that you can easily remember which events are linked to which members file.