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The ASE Scorer Version 9 allows you to use any movements you like. There are the standard movements like Mitchell that are generated automatically whenever needed, those that are standard types like the Howell but may need to be defined by you and the non-standard movements.


There is not a movement that cannot be defined and used in ASE Scorer Version 9.


The first option [Standard] movements should be used with care. While it is possible to change the basic principles used in most standard movements, it is not recommended you change them unless the club has a particular movement that is regularly used and not of the original standard definition. Changing the standard movements here will change them for every time they are used.


The other movement types, Howell, User and Individuals require the full definition of the movement. The Howell is the strict Howell movement, following the mathematical definition of a Howell. Any other pairs movements will need a user movement to be defined. The Howell movement is defined by the first round of play, while all others require the full definition, round by round.


The Individual and User movements require full definition, with all rounds of play defined.


The Victory Point scales are also accessible from this screen. While these are not movements they are used in many events and are a standard club defined table of information related to movements of all types.


The Masterpoint awards to place rules are also accessible.


See "Bridge Directing Complete" for more details on the definition of movements.