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[6 Reports]

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There are a number of reports available for the current event.



The normal reports required are the results for the session and the outright results for a multi-session event. The other reports are needed at various times. The "use best scores" only applies to the [outright] report. This differs from the [Best results] option which has only one variable, the number of sessions to include in the outright totals. Choosing "use best scores" will give you a number of options to apply to the report.


The key option is the "Report select" box. The default value is "Automatic" and the simplest choice of reports. The ASE Scorer Version 9 will choose the best report for the event and report of choice. When you select "Manual" the menu items available increase and the Right-click on any report will show a pop-up menu for your selection.


The "Destination" box on the right hand side of the screen indicates where the reports are to appear. If you select "File" or "web page" then the "File type" box will appear allowing you to choose one of three file types.


The report layouts are not fixed, and may be changed as you require. To do this choose the "change" menu item in the pop-up menu.


Left-click on the button for the report you require. The automatic, current or last selected report will be printed, directing the output to the destination, printer, screen or file.


When in manual mode, right-click the button to change the report you have currently selected. A pop-up menu is shown listing all the reports that have been opened recently, allowing you to choose a different report from the current one associated with that button.


From this pop-up menu the [Open] option presents an "Open File" dialogue, to select a report file.


The [change] option presents the generator interface screen for you to make changes to the current report, or select a new report as you require.


The [Defaults] option will list all the default reports available for the report type. Choose the one you require. If you are not sure which report you need, try them one at a time until you are happy with the one selected. Once selected that report is the current report and will appear each time the report button is clicked.


Any of the reports listed under these options may be selected as you require.



The destination is the printer, screen or file. If you need to direct a report to a file of type that is not shown in the list when "file" is selected, use the "printer" option, and choose "print to file" during that dialogue. The additional file types are extensive and include Excel, rich text files etc.


When you are using the screen option it should be noted that the display can remain there while you do other things. For example you might re-score the session and the report display showing the session results will be automatically refreshed.