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The results tab is rarely needed.

After score up, you would usually view the results using the options available under the "Reports" tab.



Session and event scores can be viewed, entered and changed using the respective options. These are presented in number order, and are not designed for reporting.


Similarly the session and event masterpoints may be viewed, entered and changed using the respective options. These are presented in rank order.


After an event is finished you may require that some of the lowest scores are eliminated from the totals. Use the "best results" button for this. You will be asked to enter the number of "best" sessions to be included in the outright results. Re-scoring the event in the normal way will override this selection. See "best scores" reporting options for similar functionality.


Session scores

This allows you to change the final scores for the session. This should only be used after all other scoring changes have been made. e.g. If the scores on a board are changed, the system will automatically update these totals on the next re-score. The masterpointing is recalculated after these changes are made.


Session MPs

This allows you to change the master points found on the rank file for the event. You may modify the master points produced automatically or enter them manually.


Event scores

This allows you to change the results before printing the final report on the results. The ASE Scorer automatically recalculates the masterpoint awards after selecting this option.


Event MPs

This allows you to see the results of the event, and change the awards from those produced by the ASE Scorer. Note: if you change the players' scores in any way, the masterpoint awards are automatically recalculated. Only make manual changes after the scores are known to be correct.


This screen also allows you to enter the carried forward scores, where they differ from the scores achieved by the players. These may be used in the event advanced options, copy c/f.