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The ASE Scorer always prompts you to remember to save the event when you close down or open another event. It is not essential to save an event and it is possible, though unusual, to score a whole event without ever saving. Generally it is recommended that the [File]/[Automatic Save] option be enabled so that the ASE Scorer Version 9 will always save the event each time you leave a data entry screen (names, scores etc).



During the life of the event it is recommended you save the event often. The worst case is when your computer loses power and all the work is lost. Keep those power cords away from feet. The quick key method to save is [Ctrl-S].


Sometimes you need to save an event under a different name. Use the [Save As] option.


Use the [Close] option when you no longer need the event open, but may want to do other things.


The last step in any event is to [Finalise].


Finalising the event saves away a summary of the results in the current club database. Finalised events may be reported and viewed through event history in the club management section. The masterpoints are retained in this history and are sent to the national organisation when the export option is used. Only finalised events are candidates for export. Similarly for the ratings information.


When you [Finalise] the event you are asked if you want to make a backup copy of the event, unless the "Generate event text file results" in system defaults is ticked when it will be done automatically. This allows you to copy the event to another folder, disk or diskette just in case you need it again later.


In addition you are asked if you want the original event to be deleted. To make a backup copy, and delete the event file is the safest procedure. The event is then unavailable to be opened accidentally. When you choose to do these, you have the safety of the event being placed in a backup file, as well as being able to view and report on the results summary.