Entering players' names

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Entering players' names

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The players' names can exist in two main places: the outright field and the session of play.


To enter the names for the current session use the quick key [F4].


The outright field is not required in an event where the play is only in one session. Any multi-session event requires an outright field. The outright field is automatically generated when the session name are defined, and the event numbers are unique within all the sections of play in the first session.


Substitutes are handled very effectively by having the names of the players in each session which may differ from those names in the outright field.


You can enter the players' names prior to the session of play, or after the session of play has been defined, or in the outright event field.


When you finish entering the names by clicking the [Done] button the ASE Scorer checks that players are not in two pairs for the same event or session. When this occurs the warning appears:


This warning says the player is sitting at two seats, "session.section.table.seat" as 001.01.001.NS and 001.01.001.EW.


To continue the checking press [OK]. Continue to press [OK] while there are further errors until you return to the name entry screen where the corrections can be made.


If you press [Cancel] the scorer ceases to check the pairs and exits the screen.