Consequences of missing a month-end update

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Consequences of missing a month-end update

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Sometimes for various reasons a club misses the month-end run. When this occurs the month-end update will proceed as usual on the first of the next month. Any clubs that are not in the run will still receive the latest CARDS file for new month and so will have a new starting position for all the players in the events for that month.


Note the players will usually have a slightly different rating from the previous month despite not having an impacts from your club applied to their previous rating. This can be due to the players having impacts applied from other clubs. It also can be due to an across the board adjustment made during month-end processing. This part of the calculation is used to maintain the relative positions of the players in the system.


All the events from the previous month should be included in the next month's run. Leave the event dates as they are and include the events for the past two months. The impacts that the players receive in all the events will be applied in the next monthly update.