Handling player's membership

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Handling player's membership

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Any new players to the club are handled automatically. Just add the player to your club file as needed and they will be included in the next monthly run.


Care is needed in the paid up membership. A player is deemed to be paid up in the CARDS system when their paid-to-date is not less than the processing date. A player in more than one club is paid up when they are paid up in at least one of the clubs they are attending.


When a player is not paid up their ratings impacts do not occur. Their rating remains as it was and may be effected by all other player's rating changes in each month. The unpaid players tend to have their rating reduced over time, though it may increase, but their relative position in the list of participants tends to remain where it was or at a lower point. Eventually their rating will disappear because of non-participation and they will need to re-establish their position.


The player's "bridge name"  should not be changed in the scorer. The player becomes a different person in the CARDS system if this is changed. The ratings data on file will not be correct for the new person even if the new "bridge name" is correct. To change the person in the system you must delete the wrong player from the scorer and add a new player with their correct "bridge name". Their rating information will not be updated until the end of month run.