CARDS Ratings system

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CARDS Ratings system

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CARDS is a rating system for bridge players. Your rating in CARDS gives you a good idea of your current standing at bridge. This is so because the system takes into account the strength of your partner and that of the opponents. Ratings range from about 30 to about 70 with 50 being average. The majority of players are in the range of 45 to 55.


It is similar to the ELO rating system for chess players. Indeed, one of the consultants to the ELO system worked on the CARDS project. A CARDS rating gives you a truly accurate measure of your current standing at the game. It also allows you to identify changes in your performance as your career develops.


CARDS seeds the field in every session. That is, it predicts the finishing order. You will soon see that these predictions are surprisingly reliable at club events.  Players can check their CARDS rating by going to and logging in with their "bridgename" usually first initial and surname.

To establish your club in the CARDS ratings system there are a few basic steps that must be followed.


Set up a members' database or masterfile. You may already have this.
Define the ratings club name for the CARDS system.
Check there are no members that are already in the CARDS system.
Produce a members' ratings export file.
Email the ratings export file to
Load the latest CARDS file into your members' masterfile.

From then on your club and its members are in the CARDS system.