Eclectic events

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Eclectic events

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An eclectic event is a mega-event, using the results of one or more other events to produce a winner.


Use the buttons on the right to make a new event or delete the one currently selected.


You can use the navigation bar at the top too.


The total number of sessions in the event is updated each time you add sessions, but you may change this as required. The results are based on the players in the event, and each player's number of best scores are included in the total score.


Only players that satisfy the criteria are included. If the minimum number of partners is specified, only players that have that number, or more, will be included.


The maximum with one partner will use the best score with those partners.


Where the minimum percentage required is greater than zero, only the scores greater than that percentage are included in the tally.


The score type dictates the score included in the totals.


Raw: the score achieved at the table whatever the scoring method.

Percentage: the percentage achieved, and only applies to matchpointed pairs events.

Normalised: the percentage score derived by normalisation, and can apply to any scoring method. The mathematical normal curve is used.


Once all the sessions are included the event needs to be regenerated. Then the results can be viewed.


Reports on these events are available in the members report generator screen.